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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Emond Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (Emond) can serve as your “One Stop Shopping” for all of your design, fabrication and installation needs!


Emond’s HVAC prefabrication shop has the capability to produce all types of Sheet Metal fabrication. Emond is unique in that we can perform both HVAC and Sheet Metal services which is not typical in the industry.


With an automated plasma cutter, Emond is able to provide all types of specialty Sheet Metal fittings that you will not find at a supply house. We also have an automated spiral pipe machine that produces spiral pipe ranging in sizes from 4” to 24” diameter in any length needed.


The capability of these two machines alone sets us apart because it allows us to produce a quality product quickly and efficiently at a lower cost to our customers.

Some of our custom Sheet Metal Products include, but are not limited to:


  • Plenum Boxes

  • TDC and S&D duct work, including Grease duct

  • Square to rounds

  • Offsets

  • Transitions

  • Square and radius heel elbow

  • Square and radius heel Tee’s

  • Reducers

  • Spiral Pipe

duct work example

Custom Fabrication & Welding


Some of the products we fabricate in our shop actually help us do our job more efficiently in both our HVAC and Plumbing Prefabrication as well as our Installation departments. Through our own trial and error, and the imagination and ingenuity of our many talented employees, we have found creative solutions to some of the challenges we run up against in the field.


As a result, we are able to custom fabricate and offer some of these same products and solutions to you! 

Some of these products include: 


  • Stands

  • Roll carts

  • Platforms

  • Drain pans (galvanized or copper)

  • Curbs

  • Steel fabrication

  • Aluminum fabrication

  • Metal signs

fabrication tool at Emond
Example Emond heating work

For more information on our Sheet Metal products and solutions, please contact us below or at  

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