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Emond Plumbing & Heating, Inc.’s (Emond) fabrication shop is 20,000 square feet, allowing Emond to
fabricate the vast majority of Plumbing and HVAC items we install on job-sites. We are also able to
fabricate custom Sheet Metal with licensed tradesman in our state-of-the art facility. Our prefabrication
shop enables us to meet one of our primary goals – being PREPARED for your project by having items
partially or fully assembled in advance, allowing us to remain ahead of schedule. This maximizes
production once we are on site, lessening the need for additional tradesman at the jobsite, ultimately
saving you both time and money.

Emond believes the techniques we use allows us to be ahead of installation once the site is ready, while
minimizing one of the largest issues on site - trash. Emond customizes its material handling equipment
to minimize material and packaging waste on-site and utilizing a “just in time” delivery philosophy. This
helps create a safer and more efficient work site.

Emond prefabrication workshop
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