Showcasing our current and past projects and high quality work, Emond Plumbing and Heating, Inc. prides itself on the years of experience that have allowed us to grow both as a company and a team of skilled individuals. 

New Construction

Noquochoke Village

Client:  Delphi Construction

Number of Units:  50

Trade:  Plumbing/HVAC

Location:  Westport, MA

Moose Hill Apartments

Client:  Wood Partners

Number of Units:  157

Trade:  Plumbing

Location:  Walpole, MA


Client: Campanelli Companies/A.D. Makepeace

Number of Units:  184

Trade:  Plumbing

Location:  Plymouth, MA


Client:  Mill Creek Realty Trust

Number of Units:  270

Trade:  Plumbing

Location:  Framingham, MA

The Key

Client:  Wood Partners

Number of Units:  280

Trade:  Plumbing

Location:  Franklin, MA



Client:  Campanelli Companies

Number of Units:  398

Trade:  Plumbing

Location:  Ashland, MA

Mill Renovations

Knitting Mill

Client:  D.F. Pray General Contractors

Number of Units:  100

Trade:  Plumbing/HVAC

Location:  Fall River, MA

American Tourister

Client: Brady Sullivan Properties

Number of Units:  190

Trade:  Plumbing/HVAC

Location:  Warren, RI

Alco Mill

Client: Brady Sullivan Properties

Number of Units:  140

Trade:  Plumbing/HVAC

Location:  Pawtucket, RI

Pacific Mills

Client:  Brady Sullivan Properties

Number of Units:  345

Trade:  Plumbing/HVAC

Location:  Lawrence, MA


Health Trax

Client: Stanley Street Holdings LLC

Number of Units:  -

Trade:  Sheet Metal

Location:  Dartmouth, MA

Baring Imperial Dade Building .jpg

Baring Imperial Dade

Client:  Timberline Construction

Trade: HVAC/Plumbing

Location:  Franklin, MA

Cultivation Facility

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